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So much depends on your hearing. From relationships with friends and family to your career and hobbies, the ability to hear contributes to a healthy and happy life. At A. Bel Audiology Associates and Musician’s Hearing Center, our services address an array of hearing conditions and needs. They include:

No matter your hearing needs, we’re all ears.

Hearing Aids at A. Bel Audiology Associates

It’s time you heard it all.

Hearing loss is a very personal condition. It varies from person to person based on many factors including medical background, family history and lifestyle, as well as the length and severity of the hearing loss.

Starkey hearing Aid Styles

This is why we carry a wide variety of hearing aids to fit your individual needs. With our knowledgeable audiologists and hearing aids from industry-leading manufacturers, we offer hearing solutions that are as unique as you.

Don’t let hearing loss hold you back any longer. With the technology you need and the care you deserve, we’re all ears.

Brands of Hearing Technology

While we will service nearly any brand, we primarily work with four leading manufacturers: EarQ, Oticon, Signia/Siemens, and Starkey.

EarQ Secure Warranty

We are also pleased to offer the Secure 4-Year Warranty on all EarQ hearing devices; it's the best hearing aid warranty in the industry and only available exclusively to EarQ providers.

Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

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It won’t go just away on its own.

Have you ever experienced a ringing in your ears after attending a concert? Or had persistent noise in your head after a fireworks show or a visit to a gun range?

That’s called tinnitus and it’s one of the most common hearing conditions. The ringing or noise can be constant or occasional and may occur in the middle of the head, one particular ear, or both ears.

Tinnitus can decrease your quality of life by increasing stress and depriving you of sleep. Hearing aids and aural rehabilitation programs can lessen the impact of tinnitus. Ask us how we can help.

Looking for relief from tinnitus? We’re all ears. Contact us today to learn more.

"Your hearing is as unique as a snowflake; so your treatment must be, as well."
~ Dr. Paula Liebeskind, founder of A. Bel Audiology Associates

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