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Music is one of the most rewarding joys that life has to offer; however, musicians have a greater risk of developing hearing loss than the average person. To show our love of music and our appreciation for the people who create it, we offer specialized services and products for musicians.

These services and products include:

Sensaphonics musician earphones

Products You Can Trust

Did you know? Some of the world’s biggest acts, like Dave Matthews Band and Santana, use Sensaphonics products to protect their hearing and perform their music more effectively. Ask us about the same devices during your visit!

(To learn more about specific products, click here to visit the Sensaphonics website.)

Hearing services for the love of music: another reason why we’re all ears. Contact us to learn more.

"Your hearing is as unique as a snowflake; so your treatment must be, as well."
~ Dr. Paula Liebeskind, founder of A. Bel Audiology Associates

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