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Brain Teaser of the Day: "Where Do Words Go?"


At A. Bel Audiology Associates, we don't just focus on hearing health—we focus on brain health! Since the brain interprets what the ears hear, it's important that we keep the organ in great shape. In fact, it's been shown that hearing loss can result in a five times greater risk of cognitive decline (including Alzheimer's disease and dementia), so keeping the brain sharp is more important than ever. Today's brain teaser will challenge and exercise your brain, and get you thinking!

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Welcome to A. Bel Audiology Associates

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Hearing loss affects the little, precious things in life. You never realize how truly important small sounds are until they are lost and you’re left with uncomfortable silence. At A. Bel Audiology Associates and Musician’s Hearing Center, we want to bring back those moments you experienced before hearing loss.

We offer comprehensive audiological treatment and care for you and your loved ones. We’re prepared to help you hear it all.

A Wide Array of Services

Our services cover a broad scope of hearing conditions and needs. In addition to hearing aids, we also provide balance testing, tinnitus treatment, custom hearing protection, and much more.

Individualized Care

We don’t have a blanket cure for hearing loss, nor do we try to sell hearing aids to all of our patients. Our approach is to learn about you and your condition before making any recommendations or moving forward with treatment. You’re a unique individual, so you should receive individualized care.


If you can’t make it in during office hours, we can work with you to schedule special weekend and evening appointments. We also make home visits for a small additional fee. If you decide to purchase hearing aids after your home visit, we will apply every bit of that fee to the cost of your new hearing aids.

Our Patients

We strive to make each and every one of our patients with hearing loss have a success story. Whether you’ve been experiencing hearing loss for years or just recently developing it, we’re committed to helping you hear it all.

At A. Bel Audiology Associates, we’re all ears. Contact us today to make an appointment for better hearing.

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Hearing Loss FAQs
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"Your hearing is as unique as a snowflake; so your treatment must be, as well."
~ Dr. Paula Liebeskind, founder of A. Bel Audiology Associates

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